Patio Pergola Design Ideas Free Standing Pergola A perfect design idea would be to install your patio pergola as free-standing. The reason for doing this could vary depending on given circumstances. One circumstance being the pergola may not look aesthetically appealing when attached to your home, another reason could be you may want to place […]

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5 Outdoor kitchens with pergola design ideas Pergola With A Grill A Pergola covering a grill makes for a great space. With a pergola covering your grill, it makes it easy to grill while also having shade. There is nothing worse than grilling and being scorched by the sun. This is why a pergola covering

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Louvered Roof System Introduction What Is A Louvered Roof System Louvered Roof systems are adaptive outdoor structures designed to create a comfortable environment outdoors. These structures use louvers that can be adjusted depending on the weather or how you feel. From a remote, you can control the amount of sunlight to let in or completely

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Customization of Louvered Roofs Different Theme to Choose The structure has three design themes—Modern, Transitional, and Classic. Just like in the name, the modern design provides a slick modern look. The transitional theme gives the system a more layered, detailed look. And the classic design provides the system with scalloped ends which makes it look

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Louvered Roofs: The Evolution Of The Traditional Pergola Outdoor Living Spaces Changing Landscape The traditional pergola comprises vertical posts and a roof that provides partial shade. With slats moving across the top, only partial shade can be achieved at certain angles. The primary goal of a standard pergola in the past was to integrate the

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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Louvered Roof Running Like New Regular Cleaning Using a power washer, clean the main structure and the louvers. Make sure to wash until all dirt, leaves, and debris is removed. Do this regularly so debris does not build up and make cleaning difficult.  https://youtu.be/Wqt6gc2qxIY?si=fvEJMz8bXE_9g9wP Lubrication Make sure to lubricate the

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Innovative Technology With Louvered Roofs: A Look into Automated Features Louvered Roof Rain Sensors Louvered roof rain sensors allow for seamless automation of rain protection. The rain sensors can be installed to sense rain and close automatically without  having to close the louvers with the remote. If you are interested in learning more about how

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Louvered Roof & The Hospitality Industry A louvered roof system can instantly give any restaurant instant outdoor seating while providing shade from the sun and weather and letting the sun shine through on lovely days. Adding a louvered roof also increases seating capacity, making more money. It also attracts more customers to come and enjoy

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