5 Outdoor kitchens with pergola design ideas

Pergola With A Grill

A Pergola covering a grill makes for a great space. With a pergola covering your grill, it makes it easy to grill while also having shade. There is nothing worse than grilling and being scorched by the sun. This is why a pergola covering your grill is a great design idea.

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An outdoor kitchen Pergola with a table, TV Wall, and fireplace

As you can see you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen with a pergola while also being able to watch TV. With the table, you can enjoy making dinner and then sitting at the table and enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors while also receiving the benefits of indoors(shade and accommodations.)

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Outdoor Kitchen Pergola With A Pizza Oven

You can install a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen with a pergola to grill and cook pizza if that’s what you like. Enjoy dining outside with a beautiful island and oven for pizza and still have the ability to grill as well. You can open the louvers to let airflow move smoothly as well

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Island kitchen with privacy walls

Enjoy your outdoor island setup with a pergola to provide shade and comfort and privacy walls to give you even more privacy and shade. The privacy walls added to your outdoor kitchen pergola setup will give you sunlight protection when the sun approaches you. This is the perfect remedy for all outdoor pergola kitchen setups.

Breslow's Privacy Walls

Double Pergola Outdoor Kitchen

You can enjoy not one but two pergolas to boost the aesthetic look of your home and kitchen. Enjoy a fantastic setup when you can seat more people and cook at the same time comfortably. There’s nothing better than preparing a meal for multiple people while they sit and relax under the shade of a beautiful sunny day. That’s what this design idea can do!

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Outdoor Comfort Redefined

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