Customization of Louvered Roofs

Different Theme to Choose

The structure has three design themes—Modern, Transitional, and Classic. Just like in the name, the modern design provides a slick modern look. The transitional theme gives the system a more layered, detailed look. And the classic design provides the system with scalloped ends which makes it look like a traditional wooden pergola with the functionality of a modern system.

Sizes and Layout

The sizes of the system depend on what the customer wants and the space available to install the system. There are compact systems and larger ones. Whatever best fits the home’s design and open space.


With a wide variety of colors to choose from, customizing your louvered roof to fit well with the exterior of your home has never been so easy. You can choose the perfect color that fits best and makes your backyard look the best.


Adding LED lights to compliment the louvered roof is a great option to light up the area when having company over. With different lighting designs and tons of space, lighting the system is easy and efficient at night, also adding some style to the system.

Screens and Curtains

Installing curtains or screens will provide your outside space with privacy and protection from bugs. Using a remote, these screens and curtains can be lowered and retracted with just the click of a button. When having friends over, having these is a must if you want privacy and extra protection from the elements.


If you live where it gets uncomfortable to enjoy outside during the winter, consider installing a heater in the louvered roof. Doing this will mean your time spent outdoors with company during winter will be comfortable and safe from the harsh weather.

Outdoor Comfort Redefined

“Transform your space with Breslow’s Transitional Louvered Roof for the perfect blend of style, versatility, and year-round comfort.”

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