Patio Pergola Design Ideas

Free Standing Pergola

A perfect design idea would be to install your patio pergola as free-standing. The reason for doing this could vary depending on given circumstances. One circumstance being the pergola may not look aesthetically appealing when attached to your home, another reason could be you may want to place our pergola closer to certain areas of your patio for example a poolside pergola. 

Double Pergola With Sun Sail

To cover more space with usable shade while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look you can do a double pergola with a sun sail in the middle. This is great for homes with large patios but you do not want a bulky pergola that is over-extending to ruin the visual appeal of your backyard patio.

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Pergola Attached To The House

Attaching your pergola to your house is a great design idea for many reasons. Attaching the pergola to your home like this makes it easy to walk in and out of your pergola setup. You can enjoy your patio pergola that is attached to your home which will not only be aesthetic but comfortable.  

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