Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Louvered Roof Running Like New

Regular Cleaning

Using a power washer, clean the main structure and the louvers. Make sure to wash until all dirt, leaves, and debris is removed. Do this regularly so debris does not build up and make cleaning difficult. 


Make sure to lubricate the various moving parts to prevent wear from friction. Doing this will increase the life of the louvers and motors and keep smooth functioning.

Maintaining the Gutter

Regularly clean the gutters of any debris. Leaves tend to build up in the gutters which can block the drainage. This leads to water building up in the gutters, which can lead to damage and other problems for the system. To prevent this regularly inspect and clean the gutters.

Inspect for any Damage

Consistently check the louvers, metal frame, and other components for damage. Also, check the motor and the wiring to ensure smooth operations. Check for rust or faulty parts. Doing this will prolong your system operation life.

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Check Seals Around the Frame

Check the waterproof seal around the frame to ensure no leaks. If a leak is found, caulk it to maintain a watertight seal.

Make Sure to Regularly Work the Louvers

Operating the louvers consistently ensures they are running smoothly and keeps them from problems. If the louvers are not used long, the motor might deteriorate and become inefficient.

Seasonal Maintenance

Maintain the system accordingly to the season that is approaching. Make sure before winter arrives that the system is ready to take on the cold and harsh conditions that the season brings. And in Spring, clean, maintain, and check for any wear the system received from the weather. And make sure to regularly clean the system during the Spring and Summer season. 

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