Louvered Roofs: The Evolution Of The Traditional Pergola

Outdoor Living Spaces Changing Landscape

The traditional pergola comprises vertical posts and a roof that provides partial shade. With slats moving across the top, only partial shade can be achieved at certain angles. The primary goal of a standard pergola in the past was to integrate the indoor and outdoor space and offer a feeling of enclosure. The traditional pergola would often be used as walkways or sitting areas for gardens and courtyards. The louvered roof is the innovative solution to the conventional pergolas problems and truly builds off the idea of a pergola. Imagine the feeling of a beloved pergola while also receiving the functionality of shade control, and rain protection. That’s what the louvered roof does to the traditional pergola idea. If your interested in learning more about the differences between the traditional pergola and a louvered roof click here.

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From Static Sparse Shade To Dynamic Shade Maneuvarability: The Concept Of A Louvered Roof

Standard pergolas offer minimal shade that is static and define outdoor spaces because they allow for that enclosed feeling of indoors while outside. Louvered roofs on the other hand, still give that same feeling of a limited and enclosed outdoor space but also permit users to control shade, sunlight, and rain protection. These are all things the standard pergola lack. 

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Year round usability: Extending Seasons With Louvered Roofs

Louvered roofs extend the usability of their outdoor spaces because you can install accessories like a roller shade, and heaters, which can create a warm, enclosed space in colder seasons. In the warmer months, you can install fans which can be used to keep you more relaxed during hotter times. Even during seasons of unpredictable weather you can still use a louvered roof. If you more interested in learning about louvered roof accessories, click here.

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Design Innovation: Aesthetic Appeal Of Louvered Roofs

The louvered roof offers an aesthetic appeal. The Louvered roof can be designed in many ways that complement a properties look. For example you can design your louvered roof to have a traditional classic look with scalloped end caps. We also wrote about how you can customize your louvered roof with different styles like transitional, classic, and modern click here to learn more.

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Enhancing Property Value: How A Louvered Roof Can Become An Investment

Adding a louvered roof can become a valuable asset to your property and can most likely increase the value of it. You are creating an attractive outdoor space that is functional in many ways. With the standard pergola, you see potential added value for its ability to create comfortable outdoor spaces. Still, with the louvered roof, you receive that same value but more(improved technological and practical functionality). If you want to learn more about how louvered roofs can increase property value and curb appeal, click here.

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The Continual Evolution Of Outdoor Shade Solutions

The louvered roof offers all the things we love about pergolas but solves all the problems the traditional pergolas have, making the louvered roof the evolution of the standard conventional pergola and the new innovative outdoor shade solution. With the ability to enjoy an outdoor space more times out of the year, with more comfort and adjustable shade, we highly encourage you to look into a louvered roof as your next outdoor shade solution for your property.  

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Outdoor Comfort Redefined

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