Louvered Roofs Vs. Traditional Pergolas: Guide To What Fits Your Needs

Adaptability and features

With a louvered roof system, you can have a broader range of use for different weather conditions. With a standard wooden pergola, there is less range of service due to the inability to open and close the roof. Living in colder climates makes the louvered roof better than the classic pergola because you can add accessories like heaters and shades to trap the heat inside the enclosed space. The standard pergola may be harder to enjoy in colder climates due to the inability to do the same. When it rains, the wooden pergola is unusable, while the louvered roof can be used. On super sunny days, the standard arbor cannot adjust the amount of sunlight, while the louvered roof offers adjustable shade. Suppose you are searching for a more adaptable outdoor space compared to a standard pergola; the louvered roof may be for you.


If you are looking for a more or less durable shade solution, the Louvered Roof is your best bet in finding a stable decision. When a louvered roof is installed correctly, it can withstand heavy and robust winds compared to a wooden pergola making the louvered roof stronger and less likely to be destroyed by extreme weather conditions. If you are less worried about weather conditions, you can choose a standard pergola because it may be less pricey.

Maintentence Differences

With a standard wooden pergola, you may have to worry about the wood rotting over time. With a Louvered Roof, you do not have to worry about this since they are made from aluminum. A Louvered Roof might collect mold and mildew overtime but can be easily cleaned with a power wash.

Customization And Functionality

With a Louvered Roof, you can open and close the roof. This is the main functionality that the standard wooden pergola lacks. For customizations, you may have the same amount of custom features. This is due to wood being easily cuttable and the same for aluminum. By cutting down posts and pieces of the structure, you can attach the pergolas in any way you like. 

Price Difference

The standard wooden pergola that is not motorized may be less expensive than a louvered roof. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you will not receive the same functionality that a louvered roof offers. This validates the louvered roof costing more since many more features and functionalities make the product worth more. Suppose you want the standard pergola because it fits your specific needs, and you are less worried about receiving the potential benefits of a louvered roof. In that case, the classic pergola might be the shade solution for you because of the lesser price. 

Outdoor Comfort Redefined

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