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What is Sunbrella Fabric anyway? Sunbrella is one of the leading manufacturers of performance fabrics for indoor & outdoor upholstery, awnings, and shade systems – and our preferred choice in a competitive world.

Sunbrella supplies some of the best fabric in the world for outdoor furniture and retractable shade covers. They carry a vast array of colors, patterns, textures, and opacities that will make your shade system look fantastic.

Choosing the right fabric when you decide to install a retractable shade system is no small issue. The material you select is the most important component as it’s the barrier between you and the elements, not to mention the fact that it makes an undeniable design statement.

Breslow's Retractable awnings Sunbrella-fabric

Shade systems rely on the covering to protect your guests and create an atmosphere. That’s why you need the best quality fabric you can get your hands on.

However, you want to avoid waterproof fabric. Why? Because it doesn’t breathe which creates a hot, humid environment under your awning. Although Sunbrella fabric is called water-resistant – it might as well be waterproof.

Sunbrella fabric isn’t coated with chemicals to repel water – rather it is made in such a way that allows air and moisture to escape. This also means awnings made with Sunbrella fabric are cooler!

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