Restaurants in NJ add Dining Style with Alutex Madera Awnings


The summer of 2019 has been a big one for awning installations in New Jersey restaurants. The reasons are simple. Not only do awnings make outdoor dining more comfortable, with heat and rain relief, but they really do make the location more beautiful.

Plus, an added benefit that most people aren’t aware of, is that awnings can reduce bugs, just by adding a fan underneath the awning, as it creates a wind tunnel to keep the bugs away (this holds true for homes too, but restaurants really like that feature as diners love to be bug-free!).

Below you’ll see two restaurant projects that we worked on with a common designer — both are Alutex Madera awnings, and both run in the $5,000-$7,000 range (but, of course, can be more based on options and models). Let us know if you’d like to add something similar to your restaurant or bar.

This first project completed was in Union City, NJ at a restaurant called Zona Libra. They selected a beautiful Sunbrella Pacific Blue Fancy 4755 fabric, and you can see how the awning totally transformed the space. In addition, we love the added designer-inspired touches of the flags and new signage. The evening photo highlights the added utility of the outdoor space late into the night.

The second restaurant was The CuBan in Hoboken, NJ. Note the wide sidewalk, and how this huge Alutex Madera retractable awning created an intimate setting that will definitely draw in clientele.

We’d love to work with more restaurant owners in New Jersey and New York to help expand the earning potential of your space, while also adding unique design elements to make you stand out from your competitors. Give us a call to schedule a free in-restaurant consultation.

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