Introducing the SummerSpace® FlexShade® Zip 127

Luxurious Comfort for Your Outdoor Space. The SummerSpace® FlexShade® Zip 92 Screen System brings the luxurious comfort of indoors to your lovely outdoor spaces. Specifically designed for smaller openings and windows, the Zip 92 expands your outdoor living space – offering unmatched privacy and protection.


  • Retractable privacy screen seals to track with built-in retention channel, blocking out sun, wind, rain, and insects
  • Enjoy a comfortable breeze, usable square footage, and lower utilities
  • Compact headbox virtually disappears into your architecture
  • Dozens of fabric mesh selections in a wide array of screen colors and opacities
  • Six frame color choices with industry-leading, super-durable, low-gloss powder coat finish
  • Low profile, fabric retention side channels
  • Sealed ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation
  • Remote controlled motorized operation available
  • Ideal for windows and smaller openings up to 10′ wide and 6′ 6″ tall
  • Retractable solar screens block up to 99% of solar heat transmission
  • Lower air conditioning costs by up to 60%
  • Certified test data shows Zip screens are able to withstand strong winds
  • 10-year frame warranty, 10-year fabric warranty, and 5-year motor warranty

Width: 48″ – 108″

Drop: 48″ – 86″



Outdoor Magnet & Zipper Track Solar Shades Frequesntly Asked Questions & Answers

Outdoor zipper track solar shades are vinyl mesh or solid vinyl designed for outdoor spaces. They are made of weather-resistant fabric and mounted on a zipper track or magnet tracks to be raised or lowered as needed.

Outdoor zipper track solar shades are used on outdoor patios, decks, or other covered areas to provide shade and protection from the sun. The fabric blocks the sun’s rays and the zipper track allows the shade to be adjusted for the desired amount of shade and light.

The amount of wind that zipper track solar shades can handle will vary depending on the specific shade and its design. In general, zipper track shades are designed to withstand strong winds ranging from 30 mph to Hurricane winds. This would largely depend on the shade system purchased

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