Frameless Sliding Glass Wall

Offering a sleek look for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this system features a minimal track profile, various locking mechanisms, and an integrated drainage solution for outdoor applications.

Introducing the Slide Mini: revolutionary frameless glass wall

The Slide Mini is a revolutionary frameless glass wall system designed to transform your interior. With virtually invisible vertical profiles, it creates an unobstructed view and seamless separation between spaces.

Durable Construction:

Unobstructed Movement:

Expansive Design:

Minimalist Look:

Explore Frameless Sliding Glass Wall Features

Low landing

Rollers of the highest quality

Install any glass you wish

Quick assembly

System adjustment features

Large selection of locks

All forms of sale without glass



3/8’’ monolithic tempered glass

Bottom Guide:

The lowest bottom track on the market of sliding glass walls that allows adding an unlimited number of panels.

System Configuration

One sliding panel + fixed panel

Both panels can slide to the left and to the right if no stopper is installed

Two sliding panels + two fixed panels

A popular configuration for larger openings. All panels can slide to the right or to the left, or in the opposite directions

Three panels + fixed panel

All panels slide to the left or to the right. The perfect option for offices and conference rooms

Four sliding panels + two fixed panels

The total of three sliding panels can be put on each side of the opening with fixed panels at each side

Types of Handles

Transforming Your Space

The Slide Mini offers a unique blend of design and functionality, creating a truly versatile enclosure system. Unlike folding options, the Slide Mini features panels that glide effortlessly on aluminum tracks. With just a single panel movement, you can achieve a fully open or closed configuration, maximizing panoramic views.

This makes the Slide Mini perfect for:

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