Commercial Louvered Roof Installation For B2 Bistro Restaurant


Louvered roofs are great for commercial restaurant applications because they allow shade, sunlight, and even rain protection, creating an all-around perfect setup for customers to dine outside. The B2 Bistro restaurant in New Brunswick, New Jersey, required a shade solution to cover a large patio area. This is crucial to cater to customers who prefer outdoor dining. Installing our louvered roof at B2 bistro transformed their restaurant as many customers flocked to sit under the louvered roof pergola. As a result, there was a significant increase in customers, as well as a boost in customer satisfaction.

B2 Bistro: They Embrace The Potential Of Outdoor Dining 

The client was a commercial restaurant client. The restaurant is located next to a river with a beautiful view of the river and a vast patio making the louvered roof more eye-catching with the river view. The existing outdoor spaces’ limitations were that they receive a lot of sun exposure, and the patio covers ample space. Scattered umbrellas made it difficult for clients to prefer to eat outside. They envisioned an oasis that optimizes their beautiful view of the river. They wanted their clients to like eating and dining out and receive the functionality of rain protection, so clients can still eat outside when it rains. Therefore they envisioned an outdoor space with all the same benefits as indoor spaces. This being rain protection, sunlight exposure, and proper shade. 

 An Oasis: A Transformation Of The Outdoor Dining Experience

The client’s challenges were the inability to have a place for customers to dine outside when it rains, the amount of sunlight exposure that would drive clients away from eating out, and the inability to control how much shade can be provided. Another issue is the patio covered a large area, and a standard awning would need to reach enough distance to cover the bulk of the deck with shade. Therefore they needed something that could extend longer distances.  With scattered umbrellas, dining outside when it rains was impossible. Excessive sun would cause the umbrellas to be ineffective. The extreme wind would make the umbrellas fly away, which could cause significant problems for customers intending to dine outside. The louvered roof had to be attached to the side of the building; therefore, there needed to be architectural expertise and knowledge to ensure the installation would go smoothly.

Overcoming outdoor limitations: Sun, Rain, Space

The main features and functionalities were that the client now could have complete control over the shade. Protection from rain could be enabled with rain sensors where the louvers would close when the rain sensor detects precipitation, so there is no need to monitor for rain; the system does the maneuvering for you. The louvered roof addresses the challenges faced by the client because it provides complete control over the shade, provides rain protection so now customers can dine outside even when it rains, it also provides a larger radius that helps cover the patio better than using umbrellas or standard awnings create a much larger and effective outdoor shade solution for outdoor dining. The louvered roof provides the flexibility to have shade and sun exposure based on the angle of the sunlight. Therefore the client can adjust the louvers to provide just the right amount of sun that is not too intense. The rain protection can be enabled by simply closing the louvers manually, or when it rains, the rain sensor will detect rain and close the louvers. 

The Art Of Installing A Louvered Roof

Installing the louvered roof required footings that had to be inspected by the local building department. Attaching the system to the side of the building was a task that had to be done right as we wanted to avoid misplacing the system in the wrong area as it would cause issues. Another obstacle would be to identify any leakage and fill any holes that may cause dripping or splashback of water.  We had the expertise of our team with architectural knowledge and construction knowledge to provide the best installation process that could have been strived for. The louvered roof enhanced functionality and aesthetics because customers flock to sit under the system, mesmerized by its looks, functionality, and comfort. The louvered roof compliments the restaurant well since the patio overlooks the river providing a beautiful view for customers who dine outside. The louvered roof has a significant measurable benefit because customers can now always eat out, whether there is rain or shine. Customers view this on social media and are immediately intrigued to eat there because of the look of it, causing an increase in customers visiting the restaurant to experience the louvered roofs functionality and visual appeal.

What The Client Has To Say!

The Louvered Roof’s impact was immensely positive. Customers who dine at their restaurant want to sit outside. There is no need to put more effort into having customers enjoy the outdoor space. Rain protection, Shade control, and the ability to provide outdoor shade that covers a more considerable distance are some solutions the Louvered Roof offers. The positive effects consist of clients flocking to sit outside and enjoy their experience, as well as the ability to have year-round functionality and an increase in customer satisfaction and appeal. It is crucial to have an outdoor space that is used to its fullest potential. Thats what a Louvered Roof can do! Consider a Louvered Roof for your commercial restaurant, as it can become a game-changer for your outdoor space. Here is what the client has to say!

Outdoor Comfort Redefined

“Transform your space with Breslow’s Transitional Louvered Roof for the perfect blend of style, versatility, and year-round comfort.”

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