Privacy Screens

Modern & Convenient Solution to Establish Privacy

We offer a winning combination of functionality, versatility, and style, enhancing your outdoor living experience. Consider investing in a retractable privacy screen today. Contact us today to get started.

Enhanced Privacy

These screens offer a simple and effective way to shield your outdoor area from prying eyes. With just a touch, you can effortlessly extend the screen, creating an intimate and secluded space, perfect for relaxing with family and friends or enjoying some peace and quiet.

Protection from the Elements

In addition to privacy, retractable screens also provide protection from the elements, shielding your outdoor space from harsh sunlight, gusty winds, and light rain. Strategically it allows you to create a comfortable outdoor space for year-round enjoyment.

Increased Outdoor Living Space

Transform your outdoor area into an extended living space by enclosing your patio or balcony with these screens. This additional room can be used for entertaining guests, hosting outdoor meals, or simply relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Energy Efficiency

By blocking out harsh sunlight and heat in the summer and preventing heat loss in the winter, retractable privacy screens contribute to reducing energy costs.

Reduced Noise Pollution

These screens help reduce noise pollution from traffic and other external sources, creating a more peaceful and relaxing outdoor space.

Increased Home Value

Add value to your home by making it more attractive and desirable to potential buyers with the addition of retractable privacy screens.

Versatile Design

Available in a variety of designs and styles, these screens complement any outdoor aesthetic, whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more rustic and natural feel. Customize them with a variety of mesh colors and opacities for a personalized and cohesive design.

Durability & Easy Maintenance

Crafted from resilient materials that resist fading, staining, and weather-related wear, these screens boast easy maintenance — a swift wipe-down or gentle hose-down keeps them looking pristine. With minimal care, their enduring style and functionality remain intact over the long term.

Seamlessly Blend Privacy & Style with Our Privacy Screens

Retractable privacy screens are a stylish and convenient solution to establish a secluded and serene area within your home. Their versatile design, durability, and easy maintenance provide various advantages for homeowners.

Exclusive to Breslow

Custom pockets in the fascia for recessing shade systems. This additional feature in privacy screens sets our offerings apart

Custom pockets in the fascia are built to hide the tracks and cassette of a zipper track shade for a louvered roof when it is not in use. The shade is hidden within the fascia and extends from the pockets when deployed. The material used for the fascia, such as AZEK, must be durable and weather-resistant.

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