Aristocrat Manor Retractable Awning in Chatham NJ – June 2019

This week’s featured retractable awning installation is in Chatham New Jersey, and it is an excellent example of how a colorful awning can transform a home in a wonderful way. This family chose an Aristocrat Manor retractable awning, and finished it off with beautiful Sunbrella fabric in Bay Crest Pacific colors.

In addition, they chose to add some smart add-ons, including a wind sensor and motorization options. The wind sensor automatically opens and closes the retractable awning. One of the things most likely to damage a retractable awning is high winds. The sensor continuously monitors wind speed, and it uses your custom-set preset levels to determine when to close the awning. When the wind speed hits that preset level, the retractable awning closes automatically, without you having to do anything (even when you’re not home). Wind sensors also help extend the fabric lifetime by cutting down on UV and sun exposure, and protecting it from rain and snow.

The motorization option will automatically extend or close your retractable awnings with a click of a button. Remote controls make it easy to extend retractable awnings during sunlight, close them during rain or at night, and extend when needed.

If you’d like to have an awning installed on your home, reach out and schedule your free in-home consultation. We’d be thrilled to make it happen before the heat really arrives in New Jersey

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