Alutex Solaria Retractable Canopy in Chatham NJ – May 2019

Most people are familiar with retractable awnings, but retractable canopies are a little less common. This project, installed in Chatham NJ, is an example of a beautiful Alutex Solaria Retractable Canopy. It adds solid structure to the home, while enabling sun and heat relief, and a beautiful outdoor patio space. Obviously, the family is into cooking — we want to be invited back for some brick oven pizza!


Retractable canopies are ideal for people who want a canopy when needed, but who don’t want to install a permanent fixture. Retractable canopies are also great for those days when you need quick cover or you’re looking to create a covered space that is protected from rain and sun. There’s nothing worse than having a mild spring/fall day, and not being able to enjoy it under a fixed canopy. With a retractable canopy you can retract it on days when it’s not too hot and on nights when you want to see the moon and stars.

Retractable canopies are good for all weather conditions, except snow. This is a 13’x15′ and a 20’x19′ side by side, with Sunbrella fabrics. We think it’s gorgeous — what do you think?

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