Case Studies



Black Out Shades and French Doors

The customer had wood blinds topped with draperies in their son’s room. The customer was concerned because the wood blinds were blacking out enough light. Wood blinds are only considered “room darkening” because light leaks between the slats. The difference between “room darkening” and “black out” is substantial in terms of how much light they… Continue reading Black Out Shades and French Doors

Hybrid Wood Shutters

We recently received a call from a customer that had purchased shutters from Breslow about 10 years ago. They were in need of repair and she needed us to look at them to determine what could be done. She was also interested in installing additional shutters in her bedroom. We set up the appointment and… Continue reading Hybrid Wood Shutters

French Doors and TV Glare

The customer had French Doors with the handles facing inward towards the glass. They only offered about 1.5-inches of clearance between the handles and the glass. Our customer wanted something that would fit the window and offer a cords/lift mechanism that wouldn’t bang the handle every time they operated the shade. When they came into… Continue reading French Doors and TV Glare